Perfectum it is a company of the “emotional marketing”. Our projects build reliable relationships between Client brands and their target audience, between companies and their staff, between the state and the society for over 15 years.

We create emotions and impressions! We create the first-class Events about which you want to tell!

Our values


Our mission

Satisfied customers

Our principles

To understand the urgent needs
To achieve the best result
To anticipate desires
Exceed the highest expectations


Why we are?

Perfect service

Inspiration and creativity

Perfect execution

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We work not with the the companies bur with people


We love the lasting relationships

We love to surprise

We work with the best of the best

No templates

Always beautiful and effective

Punctual and meticulously


We are proud of

  • 2 000 000 people visited our events
  • 4 continents, 3 islands in the open ocean and more than 50 cities in Russia – Our Geography
  • 500 Realized projects
  • 50 Mwatt power of used sound equipment
  • 5 000 The total weight of the constructed scenery and stage constructions
  • 20 000 volleys of fireworks at our events
  • Сountless smiles – the effectiveness of our Events

Key competences

Event marketing
Consumer promo

General services:



TTL – integrated comprehensive programs to promote a product or service

Company service in the TTL:

  • Developing campaign strategy;
  • Development of the creative concept of the campaign;
  • Development of campaign tactics, including the selection of the optimum channel KPIs promotion and general coordination of the campaign and for each channel separately;
  • Preparation of a plan of integrated communication, media plans and executive plans for promotion in each channel;
  • Implementation of the campaign;
  • Intermediate and final campaign performance reporting, analytics based on the results of the campaign


BTL – program to promote the product or service for the end user

Consumer Promo (CP) – different means of influencing the final consumer, stimulating demand.

Company service in the BTL:

  • Development of the creative concept of the campaign;
  • Develop tactics CP, including the selection of the optimal promotion channels and provide KPIs campaign as a whole and for each channel;
  • Legal and financial (tax) scheme of the project;
  • Preparation of the executive plans to promote in each channel profile and promotional staff;
  • Development of communication materials, equipment and uniforms;
  • Recruitment and training of staff;
  • The agreements with the channels of activity;
  • Implementation of the campaign – field stage;
  • Intermediate and final campaign performance reporting (including on-line format), analytics based on the results of the campaign.

Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a set of measures in the area of internal and external communications aimed at the presentation and promotion of the brand, product / service or the company to activate the attention of the target audience through the emotional impact.

  • Presentation, opening ceremony;
  • Festivals, fairs, festivals;
  • Meetings, round tables, conferences, seminars;
  • Corporate events and anniversaries;
  • Open days, tours of the company.



Investment in the special events to their own advertising and PR

Celebrity marketing (CM)

Attracting famous and popular persons to solve problems and achieve the goals within the brands communication, advertising campaigns and strategies.

Agency Service in the field of CM includes:

  • Develop a strategy and campaign advice on celebrities;
  • Development of the creative concept of the campaign
  • Negotiations with celebrities’ agents, the formation of the optimal solution for campaign strategy;
  • Legal and financial (tax) scheme of the project;
  • Preparation of the executive plans to promote in each channel
  • Implementation of companies.

Consulting services:

The company provides services for the evaluation and selection of contractor performance, budgeting and its ratio with the creative proposal offered to the customer.


Development and production of POS materials

Development and production of all types of communications materials needed to carry out the campaign.

  • Leaflets, posters, brochures, displays, shelf talkers, shelfstopery, mobiles, pallet materials dispensredy, coupons, scratch cards, lottery tickets, 3D-design, hard-posters, etc.;
  • Promotional stands of various types;
  • Original modeling, development of non-standard and complex materials (prizes, gifts, souvenirs, non-standard materials).


Public relations

  • Media Relations;
  • Management of image and reputation;
  • Intranet PR;
  • Crisis Response.
Allow me to express confidence in the preservation of the existing friendly relations with Perfectum team and hope for further effective cooperation between our companies.
Head Department of the Information policy and media Member of the Board of JSC «United Rocket&Space Corporation» I.Burenkov
We express our gratitude to Perfectum team that was able to brilliantly solve all the problems and implement creative ideas proposed, taking into account the high level of responsibility associated with the participation in the event the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. We wish you continued success and express our confidence in the cooperation ion the future!
Vice President of the External Communications Company "R - Pharm" A. Ordzhonikidze
On behalf of the Russian public organization "Business Russia" would like to express gratitude to your company for participation in the preparation of the 10th anniversary of the business forum "Business Russia".
Sincerely, President of the Russian public organization "Business Russia" A. Repik
Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) expresses to the Perfectum Team its deep gratitude for the excellent organization of solemn events dedicated to the official celebration of the Day of Cosmonautics.
Sincerely, Assistant Director of the Federal Space Agency I. Burenkov

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Russian Federation, 115054, Moscow, Dubininskaya street 57-1.
Sales Director: Denis Zvonov
Tel. + 7 495 723 40 80